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Customer Trust Information

We certify that your customers will receive the products they have paid for in good condition and are covered by a safe refund policy but we do so much more than just that. Before we proceed with the certification process we also scan your website for viruses, Trojan, worms, known malware and adware to make sure that your customers are kept safe. Even though we do not certify your website as 100% safe from viruses there are several scans that take place before starting the certification process. In addition, in order to be certified your website much use a redirection or https ssl secure page by a known payments website such as Paypal, Authorize, Google wallet, etc. This way your customers are secure from their sensitive data information such as credit card numbers, addresses and passwords being compromised.

Acquire the Customer Trust Logo at a really low subscription as the fees are returned to you by our company in the form of orders from your website!

Join us in our effort to make the internet a safer place for byers.

How to acquire the CustomerTrust Logo?

Its easy as one two three! Just fill in the contact form with the details requested (contact details, company details and your website) and we will get back to you after inspecting your website with our offer including the yearly subscription needed for our services.

The Yearly subscription will be returned to you (minimum 95% of the fees) by our company in the form of orders for the products that you are selling on your website! So in reality you are having the money returned to you as we test the reliability of your services.

This innovative system of returns helps both the buyers and the sellers increase their trust in online commerce at a really low cost.

After we receive the subscription fees we perform three orders from your website at random times and from different accounts all within a two month period. First order takes place right after we receive the subscription so you can start using the Customer trust logo within a two week period!

If all goes well you can keep using the Customer Trust Logo for a year after which we need to make sure that everything is kept up to date and the service is still running at a high level.

If something goes wrong with the delivery of the products then the refund-return policy takes place which should cover the customer 100%. Please read more regarding the minimum aspects required from your refund-return policy in order to be able to participate in the customer trust program.

if the products are suitable for donation (not including services) 100%  of these products bought during the testing of our customer websites are being donated to good cause foundations in order to assist their efforts in helping others.

So by using the Customer Trust Logo You are:

  1. Increasing your sales by using the customer trust logo.
  2. Increasing your customers trust by knowing that your services are safe since:
  • The website is safe from harmful elements. (tested by third party scanners)
  • Their details are safe since a third party payment gateway is used.
  • They will receive the products they ordered.
  • If they don’t receive their products they are still covered by a great refund policy.

  3.You are making the world a better place by Donating to good cause foundations.