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Using the customer trust logo you can increase sales up to 10%

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Deliver your orders with accuracy
Secure your customers details
keep a customer safe refund policy

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Customer Trust!

Secure the trust between your company and customers

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We certify that your customers will receive the products they have paid for in good condition and are covered by a safe refund policy.
Join us in our effort to make the internet a safer place for buyers.
The Yearly subscription will be returned to you (minimum 95% of the fees) by our company in the form of orders for the products that you are selling on your website! 
This innovative system of returns helps both the buyers and the sellers increase their trust in online commerce at a really low cost.

Why choose us

We care about customer service

We provide valuable information about the Sellers services and not just if their website is virus free.

Everyone gains from the exchange

This innovative way of certification has never before been introduced and it helps both the seller and the customer

It is cheaper than most trustmark offering Websites

Our price is cheaper than almost all trustmark offering websites and organizations whose authorization can reach up to 1000$ yearly.

Safeguard the web

We help making the web safer for users and buyers by adding one more element to the trust between each website and its customer

Help the world

You are helping the world by donating your products to goodwill causes worldwide